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Soon to deactivate but Oddly funny thing

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 12, 2012, 1:13 PM

I've been getting messages of new watchers on this account despite the fact I've changed my icon stating a bit of obviousness of my transferance to this account here GNZG

Ah well :B

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Thanks for stopping by! ...Also announcement

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 27, 2012, 2:39 PM

Thank you guys for stopping by my stream tonight. Had to end it a tad bit early since I have family here. But it was fun drawing all these nonetheless
Now before I show this I'm going to announce now that I have a new deviantart account.
Am moving? In a way yes. I've been contemplating this for a long while and well I just feel like I should start a clean slate

Anyway here is my new account for now

Along with the new doodle session drawing Birthday Doodle stream by GNZG

Some drawings will be transfered over, but it will be a slow process

Thank you guys again for coming to the show as well as all the wonderful birthday wishes!

Alrighties guys! I'll start the doodle session at 3:45 PM PST…

and an extra here's something worth watching…



Thank you so much everyone for the wishes!
You have no idea how grateful I am for these.

Actually, for this I'll be doing a doodle request stream in a bit just to thank you all!
erm, in 30 minutes or so

just gotta take care of things at my house real quick but I'll get started!

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A New Years Heart to Heart

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 31, 2011, 10:20 PM

It's still two hours from New Years here on the west coast and I've experienced some startling events that Eve has to present.

For one, right at 1 AM in the morning my dad started feeling a sort of pain in his left leg and arm. This was very alarming for both my mom and I considering his age. We took him straight to the hospital to have him checked. This took about a good twelve hours til he got released. Turns out he has very high blood pressure and will be put on medication.

It's relieving at least and we all laughed.

However, just thirty minutes ago I had received a call from my aunt that the father of my cousin Jeremy had just died from a heart attack. Only a couple hours til New Years Day even arrived.

This honestly put me in a good fright for a while tonight. After we heard the news I went and hugged my dad for a good while and told him I loved him and apologized for being such a pain that's been stacking stress for this year. He told me that all the pain and stress to help me and other people back in the Philippines makes it all worth it.

I just want to say now as 2012 arrives and brings anew, cherish every moment that you spend with family and friends. Don't let a good minute go to waste, make use of it to better yourself and help those close to you and those you have yet to befriend. Make sure you hug your parents at any chance you get because know that they love you with all their heart. Even if you're away from them, know that they're thinking about you and wishing you well.

I wish all of you a Happy New Year and may 2012 bring good tidings to everyone.

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Shameless Plugging and Chinese New Years Event!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 14, 2011, 1:46 AM

A bit brash but I've decided to do a Homestuck musical tumblr. It's still in the works but if you want to check it out feel free to come over littleshopofhomestuck.tumblr.c…

Also I know I've been saying that there would be a Secret Santa event happening, but I decided to go with something a bit different
Why not-

A Chinese New Years trade off?!

Again, same basic jist of a secret Santa, but themed with the chinese New Years Rabbit to Dragon!

More details later this week when finals are good and done for!

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Sketchjam session over

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 13, 2011, 9:00 AM

Thanks for stopping by guys!

stream link here
:pointr:… :pointl:

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Stream tomorrow

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 12, 2011, 8:10 PM

I'll be having a sketch stream tomorrow around 5:30 PM
just to get back into the swing of things
See you then!

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HAPPY 11.11.11!!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 11, 2011, 2:49 AM

Happy 11.11.11 GUYS!

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Screaming Santa: FIN: Great Run!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 25, 2011, 2:33 PM


Well Halloween has reached it's end, but nonetheless it has been one great holiday for everyone
And I have to say thank you to everyone who took their time to participate in this. I love how everything turned out and glad everyone had so much fun working on this. There will be another SCREAMING SANTA next year I can gaurantee you that (Though under a better title than this XD)

And just so you guys know there will be a Secret Santa for December and I'll make it special since holy cow this SCREAMING SANTA thing is tricky to one up! I'll update next journal about it

(p.s. Some entries a bit late but will be up soon! )

Check out these amazing costumes so far!
1. :iconcailencrow: Eiki is an Animal by cailencrow
2. :iconizuma: Screaming Santa by Izuma
3. :iconpurplegloves: Screaming Santa Kaelani by PurpleGloves
4. :iconmeoshira: Screaming Santa - Halfbreed by meoshira
5 :iconsamkalensky: SquidlikeSamurai by SamKalensky
6 :iconcyrilthewizard: Screaming Santa: For zeikier by CyrilTheWizard
7 :icontickity-tock: Screaming Santa for Chris by NimTheWitch
8. :iconwandering-ronin: Screaming Santa - Komma Koala by wandering-ronin
9 :iconkilo-monster: Screaming Santa: For Fluna by Kilo-Monster
10. :iconsprite37: Screaming Santa Heads Up by Sprite37
11 :iconangryartist113:
12 :iconstekadarr: Screaming Santa - Emerald by Stekadarr
13 :iconnoxidassylem:

Mature Content

Screaming Santa-Kilo by NoxidAssylem

14 :iconmr-tea-and-crumpets: Screaming Santa by Mr-Tea-and-Crumpets
15 :iconlauren-bennett: Screaming Santa - Inokoo by lauren-bennett
16 :iconeeni: Cowboy Jones and Lil Timmy by Eeni
17 :iconkirokokori: Pumpkins by Kirokokori
18. :iconnerinokukai: This is Nonsense by NerinokuKai
19. :iconfluna: Screaming Santa - PurpleGloves by Fluna
20. :iconinokoo: :thumb266258802:
21. :iconzeikier: SS: DARK MAN YOU WILL SUFFAR by Zeikier
22. :iconnighthead: Captain Tucker by NightHead
23 :iconhalfbreeddege:   Screaming Santa Olu by HalfbreedDege
24 :icondefineprog: Ronnie Cordova says you're gay by defineprog
25.  :iconkitsuguardian: SS: Andante the magical girl by KitsuGuardian
26. :iconzito-is-neato: Screaming Santa - Octavius by Zito-is-Neato

Serious need of homework help!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 23, 2011, 6:42 AM

Hey guys

A bit early to be making a post like this I know but it's just some homework related things. I'm kind of in need of someone to proof read this for me and I can't really sleep unless someone checks this for me and sees if I made this grammatically correct or not. I should ask my grammar nazi friends but they're asleep so I don't want to bother them. Anyway, if anyone wouldn't mind checking for me I'd greatly appreciate it.

Here's the link…

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Fly Bye little birdy

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 20, 2011, 6:04 PM

EDIT: The little birdy recovered, am happy 83. I took some pics of the little guy if you want to see him…

Ok so, I'm heading over from the cafeteria to my class when I notice this weird fluffy fuzzball near the window. I took a closer look and it started twitching. Turns out it was a little bird on its back, I think it must've crashed into the glass and was dazed. So I took it with me to the sheriff's office to ask for a little help on what to do with the bird, and well...they were no help since they couldn't do anything. Not even call animal shelter since it's just a little bird. So I'm caring for it and a bit conflicted since I've got a class and a test to deal with. I asked one of the guy's that works near the hot dog stand next to the building to watch the bird for me. I laid the guy on my sweater to keep him warm. Right now I just hope he'll feel better and fly off.

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Sketchjam session Streaming ...again

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 13, 2011, 8:36 AM

Dealing with a couple of things atm
Anyway back to stream

Livestreeeam! >… <

Here's some work in progress shots from earlier this morning if you want to see…


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Journal Entry: Wed Oct 5, 2011, 7:21 PM


10 more nights til the SCREAMING SANTAS are due!
Can't wait to see those entries!

1. :iconcailencrow:
2. :iconizuma:
3. :iconpurplegloves:
4. :iconmeoshira:
5 :iconsamkalensky:
6 :iconcyrilthewizard:
7 :icontickity-tock:
8. :iconwandering-ronin:
9 :iconkilo-monster:
10. :iconsprite37:
11 :iconangryartist113:
12 :iconstekadarr:
13 :iconnoxidassylem:
14 :iconmr-tea-and-crumpets:
15 :iconlauren-bennett:
16 :iconeeni:
17 :iconkirokokori:
18. :iconnerinokukai:
19. :iconfluna:
20. :iconinokoo:
21. :iconzeikier: SS: DARK MAN YOU WILL SUFFAR by Zeikier
22. :iconnighthead:
23 :iconhalfbreeddege:
24 :icondefineprog:
25.  :iconkitsuguardian:
26. :iconzito-is-neato:

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Screaming Santa FIN!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 1, 2011, 9:57 PM

Time to get this thing running!
Grand opening of first ever SCREAMING SANTA


Now here's the jist of what this is
This is like your ordinary Secret Santa dealy, except it's Halloween based! Hence SCREAMING SANTA!
(Don't judge me)

But this here Secr- I MEAN Screaming Santa has a little twist. Along with the exchange of characters from the OC raffle bowl, those who participate also gets to put in a costume in the costume bowl!

What the heck does that mean?

Well, after you note me to join and give a ref of your character you also get to put in the name of a costume in the costume bowl. Once everyone gets their SCREAMING SANTA they will also receive a random costume to draw the other's OC in.


Fun right?
Now I must emphasize, if you are interested please before joining be sure that you will have no kinds of conflict or hindrances that will keep you from making your SCREAMING SANTA. Because come on, it's like not getting any kind of candy when you go trick or treating because someone in the house decided to watch Halloween specials while eating all the candy they bought instead.

I'll have 20 slots open for any takers. Please note me if you're interested. This will be opened until Monday night</u> and once everyone gets their SCREAMING SANTA they will have until Halloween night to have it done and posted.
So let's get them costumes ready!

EDIT HOLY SNAP!! This filled up pretty fast! And I'm still getting people requesting XD. Well I want to keep the numbers even, so I'll be adding more slots til tomorrow 83
EDIT 2 Ok folks, Have until midnight Monday to make requests, send in those OC's and costumes!
EDIT 3 Only 4</u> more hours to nab yourself a slot folks!

1. :iconcailencrow:
2. :iconizuma:
3. :iconpurplegloves:
4. :iconmeoshira:
5 :iconsamkalensky:
6 :iconz-crackers:
7 :icontickity-tock:
8. :iconwandering-ronin:
9 :iconkilo-monster:
10. :iconsprite37:
11 :iconangryartist113:
12 :iconstekadarr:
13 :iconnoxidassylem:
14 :iconmr-tea-and-crumpets:
15 :iconlauren-bennett:
16 :iconeeni:
17 :iconkirokokori:
18. :iconnerinokukai:
19. :iconfluna:
20. :iconinokoo:
21. :iconzeikier:
22. :iconnighthead:
23 :iconhalfbreeddege:
24 :icondefineprog:
25.  :iconkitsuguardian:
26. :iconzito-is-neato:

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Run Run Run Runnin's Run

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 29, 2011, 4:14 PM

I've been contemplating on two things that I wanna run just for shits and giggles for you guys

Secret Santa/Halloween thing (Title patent pending)
It's more Halloweenish than Santaish, though I may hold another secret santa later on in the line. Not sure, but a halloween one I definitely want to give a shot at. It's basically the same run down as Secret Santa but you dress the other person's character up in any costume get up.

Speaking of costumes
I've been wanting to run a costume contest that messes with themes and styles. Like each round you are given a specific style for the outfit you have to design that fits with a  theme given at random. Example: Design a steampunk outfit with a bug theme, vintage clothing with the seven sins, fancy etc.

I'll work out the kinks later if people are interested in any of this. 83

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Dick Figures Fan Collab!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 25, 2011, 3:25 PM

SNAPS! My entry made it in YAY!!!…

Take a gander at which one I worked on!


Mine was the Dino puppet! XD

My croc is happy

Finland ... wut?

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 24, 2011, 7:29 PM…

Another reason why VAVLe is awesome

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 23, 2011, 3:17 PM

Apparantly a Mr. Gary Hudston gathered Portal level designers for a special secret project of his. The end result was an incredibly awesome custom made levels to his sweetie who was asked by Glad0s (yes Ellen McLain, Glad0s' voice actress was involved in this too!) if she'd say yes to be Mr. Hudston's bride to be.…

It was a triumph!

I just feel like spreading because this is amazing the leaps and bounds the guy went through for his girl. Best wishes to those two!

This is pretty awesome

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 22, 2011, 11:56 PM…

Just scroll down, don't bother reading the korean

trust me it's pretty cool

Art Theives trying to cover their tracks

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 17, 2011, 5:34 AM

Edit: Looks like the other site that I mentioned is '404'. They changed their name again to their server IP I bet. Am just letting you know this site called 'MarkyourSpot' stole some of sandara's work as mentioned in her journal…

Couple journals have been popping up about art theft since last night and I've noticed that they seem to be coming from the same site but under different domain names. The first one being called Art4love ...or was it art4life?

Even after you click or input the name on your browser you won't get there, however a friend discovered that you have to replace the original url name with this random shit http: // and you'll still get there. Example…

Then I read another journal post that was dealing with the same thing but on a 'so called' different site…

Notice anything?

There's a probable chance they might change their domain name again to cover their tracks or something like that but I feel like I should spread this out to everyone


Journal Entry: Wed Aug 10, 2011, 4:23 AM

I'm addicted

Terry Prachett you are an amazing man, why is it only now that I discover you?

I blame :iconz-crackers: for all this
and a majority of my other addictions

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